If you need a graphic recorder for your next event you have come to the right person!  My name is Mette and I am passionate about graphic recording – and everything else that includes drawing! I started my own company Tanke-streger in 2014 and have been solving a wide variety of tasks and challenges in the field of visual communication since then.

  • I do graphic recording in Danish and in English, analog and digital

  • I do illustrations and visual flow charts

  • I do workshops in graphic facilitation

Contact me if you want to know more on +45 60462019 or email me here


 “During our recent Nordic conference on animal gut health, Mette visualized the speakers’ key messages very professionally and with an ironic angle – even though all topics were quite scientific!! The process was followed with great interest bringing a lot of interaction between audience and organizers. This was our first experience with Tanke-streger but definitely not the last….”

Lisbeth Falk, Sub-regional marketing communication manager ANH, DSM Nutritional Products


  • “Easier than I thought

  • It actually helps!

  • It was great

  • Inspiring – well structured

  • It’s possible to do even if you (I) can’t draw

  • New skills, new tools, new structures for explaining

  • Lots of drawing

  • Concrete – good to get startet early

  • Lots of shifts between drawing and instruction

  • Lots of time to draw!

  • Hands- on – great!

  • Practice + examples

  • It was fun, concrete, variety of different tools, varied teaching

  • Practicing thinking visually

  • Improving drawing skills and overcoming shyness

    Workshop in graphic facilitation on University of Copenhagen, Political Science